Kemira to Offer GE Boiler and Cooling Water Chemistry for Pulp and Paper Industry

Kemira's Paper Segment will furnish GE Water & Process Technologies' boiler and cooling water products.

June 13, 2013 - Kemira and General Electric (GE) are excited to announce that, effective immediately, Kemira’s Paper Segment will furnish GE Water & Process Technologies’ boiler and cooling water chemical product technologies to the pulp and paper industry.

"Adding boiler and cooling treatment strengthens Kemira’s commitment to be a highly valued resource to our customers in every area of the mill," said Joe Stockman, Director of Boiler and Cooling treatment for Kemira’s Paper Segment.

Kemira said that its customers will be able to utilize the GE Water & Process Technologies Service Reliability Center, which provides monitoring of customer’s key process variables.

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SOURCE: Kemira