Forest Resources Association Honors Melvin Dixon with Forestry Activist Award

Melvin Dixon (center) accepts Forestry Activist Award from FRA President Deb Hawkinson (left) and FRA Southcentral Region Chairman Arnulfo Zendejas.

March 26, 2013 - The Forest Resources Association’s (FRA) Southcentral Region recently honored Melvin Dixon as its 2013 Forestry Activist Award Winner. This award honors an individual or organization for grassroots accomplishments in the legislative, media, or educational arena to help promote the cause of forestry and the forest products industry.

Dixon is a farmer and a mechanical maintenance trainer at Georgia-Pacific’s Naheola, Alabama tissue mill. His most visible service to our industry regionally and nationally has been through his leadership on the Pulp and Paperworkers’ Resource Council (PPRC).

PPRC describes itself as a grassroots organization representing the nation’s pulp, paper, solid wood products, and other natural resource-based workers. "We are people dedicated to conserving the environment while taking into account the economic stability of the workforce in our rural communities,” PPRC said.

Dixon is a founding member of PPRC, serving as its first Southeast Region Director, and is a two-time PPRC National Chairman.

Leading by example, Melvin has:

  • Developed position papers that explain the economic and environmental impact of specific legislation and regulations;
  • Met face-to-face with countless state and federal government officials to discuss critical forest products industry issues;
  • Educated co-workers industry-wide and motivated them to greater local and state activism efforts;
  • Managed grassroots letter-writing, phone call, and legislative visit campaigns.

Dixon has been involved in PPRC’s Washington D.C. Fly-Ins for many years, where he has led the group to conduct Congressional and Administration visits, including hundreds of total visits annually. The efforts of Melvin and the PPRC have had a direct impact on how key national policy issues are considered and finalized, the FRA said.

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SOURCE: Forest Resources Association, Inc.