Lecta Confirms Price Hike for Coated Woodfree Paper

March 4, 2013 - Lecta has informed its customers that the company will continue implementing the announced price increase of 5 - 6% on its CWF (coated woodfree) paper.

Lecta said the price hike is the result of the high cost of its primary raw materials, transportation and energy.

In a written statement, the company said, "After the success in the price movement in our distribution network in the southern part of Europe, Lecta confirms that price increase will be totally consolidated till end of March also in the rest of the EEA.

"Further price increases will be needed in 2013 to recover the minimum profitability that would guarantee actual quality and service levels," Lecta added.

Lecta is the second largest European coated woodfree paper manufacturing group, made up of Condat, Cartiere del Garda and Torraspapel. Lecta currently has the annual capacity to produce about 1,410,000 tons of coated fine paper, 200,000 tons of specialty paper, and 100,000 tons of base paper. Lecta is also a distributor of paper in Iberia, France and Argentina where it sells around 470,000 tons.