VanTek Sells Idled Linerboard Machine in Norway to Egyptian Buyer

PM5 is a Metso (formerly Valmet) linerboard machine with a capacity to produce 545 tons/day of white top linerboard (80-200 gsm) at a speed range of 350 to 800 m/min.

Feb. 21, 2013 (Press Release) - VanTek is pleased to confirm the sale of the idled 5-meter-wide Kraft Linerboard [paper machine] from the paper mill in Moss, Norway, formerly known as Peterson Paper. A paper mill in Egypt has purchased PM5 and intends to install and start it up again at their mill in Egypt.

The 5-meter-wide, Kraft, 2-layer Linerboard machine is complete, well preserved, and in very good condition.

Preparations to dismantle, export pack and ship the paper machine to Egypt are now underway and will be completed sometime in August 2013.

Mr. Gordon Cassie of VanTek Inc, the exclusive agent for the sale of the equipment at the Moss papermill, has had many visitors at the mill in the last several months — several of them are seriously interested in the purchase of the other equipment including PM4 which is a 4.5m wide Linerboard machine, an OCC pulp recycling line, and a Continuous Kamyr Kraft Pulp mill.

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Editor's note: Petersonís paper division filed for bankrupcty in April of 2012 after it failed to restructure its debts. Its kraftliner mill in Moss, Sweden closed down on April 13, 2012.