Voith to Supply Modern Karton with Lightweight Packaging Paper Machine

Ahmet Eren from Modern Karton (on the left) and Andreas Endters from Voith Paper signing the contract for the PM 5.

Dec. 20, 2012 - Voith said that it will supply Modern Karton with a new paper machine for Modern Karton's paper mill in Corlu, Turkey.

The new PM 5 will produce light-weight packaging paper.

The scope of supply includes the entire process line.

According to Voith, PM 5 will be a particularly sustainable machine, especially as it consumes little fresh water. Using the technology supplied by Voith ensures that consumption of resources is kept as low as possible. For example, due to installation of the innovative FlowJec dosing system in the approach flow system of the PM 5, it is possible to exactly coordinate the use of chemicals.

In addition, the OnV EnergyProfiler software localizes and visualizes all the energy consumption in the paper production.

Modern Karton itself will set up a power plant on the mill site to utilize the residual materials from the manufacturing process and generate energy.

PM 5 will have a speed of 1,500 m/min and wire width of 8,180 mm. The new machine will produce around 400,000 metric tons of packaging paper with a basis weight of 70 to 160 g/m.

PM 5 is expected to start-up by the middle of 2015, Voith said.

Modern Karton is part of the Eren Group and is one of the largest manufacturers of board and packaging paper in Europe. At its Corlu location, 120 km west of Istanbul, 600,000 tons of packaging paper are currently produced annually on two machines, both for the domestic market as well as for the export market. This represents approx. 40% of Turkey's total production capacity.