KPM Launches New Fibre-Optic Sheet Break Detector

Nov. 26, 2012 - KPM recently introduced its new KB2 Fibre-Optic Sheet Break Detector — a new generation sheet break detector with the latest RGB / IR LED technology.

According to KPM, the new KB2 offers extremely reliable break detection in demanding applications, including open draws, against the felt or dryer can, in misty or foggy conditions and even in the press section of the paper machine. The reliability is achieved with fibre optic technology which eliminates electronics and light source from the extremely hot environment inside the paper machine hood, the company said

The sensor has built-in redundancy and self-diagnostics to eliminate false breaks effectively, KPM added.

The new KB2 model, with both RGB and IR light sources, is suitable for all applications in paper and board machines.

KPM is a part of ABB's process automation division.