Metsa Board's Kemi Mill Produces Three Millionth Ton of Kemiart Coated White Top Kraftliner

Nov. 12, 2012 - Metsa Board's Kemi mill passed a major milestone in October 2012 with the production of the three millionth ton of its Kemiart coated white top kraftliner.

New double coated Kemiart Graph+ and Kemiart Lite+ grades were launched earlier this year, following a rebuild of the coating section and installation of a second coating unit at Kemi. Kemiart Ultra completes the coated product range, which includes a suitable coated liner for each printing method.

Kraftliner production started at Kemi in Finland in 1971. In 1990 the company upgraded its processing and invested in a coating unit, with production of coated white top kraftliner starting the same year.

The production team at Metsa Board's Kemi mill in Finland celebrate the production of three million tons of Kemiart coated white-top kraftliner.

SOURCE: Metsa Board