The Newark Group Announces 2020 Sustainability Goals

Oct. 16, 2012 - The Newark Group today announced its 2020 Sustainability Goals. The goals, part of the company’s sustainability project that began in late 2010, align The Newark Group with AF&PA's Better Practices Better Planet 2020 goal and with the company’s personal objectives.

“The Newark Group was founded on the concept of sustainability so it is only natural that we continue to do our part to align with the goals of the AF&PA as well as live up to our own standards,” said Frank Papa, President and CEO.

“Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering and encompasses not only the sustainability of the environment, but also a commitment to sustainable business practices,” Papa added.

Among the stated goals of The Newark Group are:

  • a 10% reduction in energy use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions;
  • a 12% reduction in Water Use; a 15% reduction in Solid Waste and;
  • a 30% reduction in Incident Rate to lead to improved employee safety.

Separately, The Newark Group will continue its ongoing tracking and measurement of sustainable business practices that include community involvement, employee engagement and fiscal responsibility.

Founded in 1912, The Newark Group is a vertically-integrated leader in 100% recycled paperboard collection, manufacturing and converting with 46 locations across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

SOURCE: The Newark Group