Metsa Board Opens Biopower Plant at Kyro Mill in Finland

After start-up, Metsa Board's new biopower plant at its Kyro Mill in Finland will reduce the mill's CO2 emissions by about 25%.

Oct. 12, 2012 - Metsa Board announced that it has opened a new EUR 50 (USD 65) million biopower plant at its Kyro mill site in Finland, in partnership with two Finnish energy companies.

According to the company, the move will result in an approximate halving of the carbon footprint of Metsä Board's high quality folding boxboards Carta Elega and Avanta Prima, which are especially recommended for beautycare and healthcare packaging, the Cresta wallpaper base product family.

"We have been working on improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of our mills," said Mikko Helander, CEO of Metsa Board. "The new biopower plant will help us in these efforts, as well as meeting our target of cutting CO2 emissions by 30% across operations by 2020 compared to 2009 levels.

The new biopower plant will replace the use of fossil natural gas with CO2-neutral, discarded wood. This is predominantly bark and other biomass from industrial side streams, as well as logging residual and chips from first thinnings of growing forests.

The biopower plant will produce electricity and heat for Metsa Board Kyro, and also provide heating for the neighboring district of Hameenkyr.

After the start-up of the plant, CO2 emissions from the Kyro mill will be reduced by approximately 100,000 metric tpa (110,000 tpa), to about a quarter of previous levels.

The Kyro Mill employees about 245 people and has a production capacity of 190,000 tpy of board and 105,000 tpy of paper. The mill houses a board machine, BM1, (trim width 3.30 m; speed 660 m/min; grammage range 200–380 g/m2); and a paper machine, PM3 (trim width 3.60 m: speed 860 m/min; grammage range 80–165 g/m2).

Headquartered in Finland, Metsa Board is one of Europe's leading producers of cartonboards, coated white-top kraftliners, pulp, and a major paper supplier.

SOURCE: Metsa Board