Metsa Board Completes Rebuild of Paperboard Machine at Aanekoski Mill

May 14, 2012 - Metsa Board said that it has completed the rebuild of the board machine at the Aanekoski mill in Finland, increasing its folding boxboard capacity by 30,000 metric tons (33,000 tons) per year to 240,000 metric tons (265,000 tons) per year.

Normal production of Carta Integra and Carta Solida, restarted in early May, the company said.

"Demand for sustainable packaging made from fresh forest fibers continues to be strong, and we have responded by increasing the availability of our cartonboards," said Olli Maki, VP Cartonboard Sales, Metsa Board.

An additional project to increase cartonboard sheeting capability is also underway at Aanekoski, where the recently closed paper machine facility will be converted at the site. The project will be completed in the fall.

The Aanekoski board machine rebuild is part of Metsa Board's 2011-2012 paperboard investment program, aimed at improving availability and service. Under this program, the Simpele mill rebuild was successfully finalized in June 2011 and the Kyro mill rebuild in December 2011.

The program also included the improvement of the Kemi linerboard mill's coating operations.

Further investment continues with the building of a new biopower plant next to the Kyro mill, slatred for completion in the fall of this year.

SOURCE: Metsa Board