Great Northern Paper Receives FSC Certification

April 13, 2012 - Great Northern Paper Company, LLC, (GNP) said that it has received a chain-of-custody Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification TT-COC-004087.

FSC certification recognizes that wood products used in GNP’s papermaking process are harvested using certified responsible forestry management practices. The chain-of-custody certification addresses GNP’s ability to track certified products throughout its inventory and distribution processes.

"Great Northern Paper has a long-standing commitment to sustainable operations and responsible forestry management practices," said Richard M. Cyr, GNP President and CEO. “To officially be certified by the FSC further demonstrates our pledge to continue being responsible stewards of our natural resources.

"Great North Paper is sustainable and responsible on a daily basis. We burn all sludge, bark and waste wood produced by the paper making process in the biomass boiler to produce energy, which is then used at the mill. We also have a comprehensive recycling program that removes cardboard, pallets, wooden crates, metal and office paper from the waste stream," Cyr added.

About GNP
Cate Street Capital of Portsmith, New Hampshire in September of 2011 bought the two former Great Northern Paper mills — one in East Millinocket and the other in Millinocket, Maine. Cate Street Capital decided to keep the Great Northern Paper name for the mills and re-started the East Millinocket mill in mid-October 2011. GNP hopes to re-open the Millinocket mill if and when market conditions warrant.

The East Millinocket mill produces newsprint and directory paper (uncoated groundwood papers). It employs about 220 workers.

The Millinocket mill, which has been idle since September 2008, produces supercalendered (SC) papers.

SOURCE: Great Northern Paper and various news sources