Kadant Johnson Starts-up Pilot Corrugator Test Roll in Michigan

March 29, 2012 - Kadant Johnson announces the start-up of its pilot corrugator test roll at its research center in Three Rivers, Michigan (USA). The test apparatus is designed to simulate operating conditions of single-facer corrugating, pre-heater, and pre-conditioner rolls.

The new pilot corrugator test apparatus is being used for product development and new technology innovation for the corrugating industry. The facility is also made available to help corrugated box manufacturers improve heat transfer, roll temperature uniformity, and increase machine speed.

"Over the past two years, we have been running baseline tests on our corrugator test stand using both conventional and peripherally-drilled rolls. These tests have provided significant insights into condensate behavior and heat transfer in corrugating rolls," said Greg Wedel, president of Kadant Johnson Inc.

"We have decades of research focused on heat transfer in rotating rolls. Our knowledge of steam joints, syphons, and system design uniquely position us to provide the corrugating industry with a steam distribution and handling system that delivers more heat, more consistently, and more efficiently to maximize the production of corrugated board," he said.

The first tests conducted on the pilot corrugator test apparatus used a 20" diameter x 104" face roll that was rated for 200 psig. The testing was done at speeds up to 2,400 fpm with condensing rates adjusted to simulate large heat load variations and a wide range of sheet weights.

The corrugator test stand also features real-time recording of roll temperature profiles, supply and differential steam pressures, steam and condensate flow rates, and observation via high-definition digital video inside the steam-heated roll. The corrugator test roll is fitted with a CorrPro™ steam joint and a fully-integrated data acquisition system to quantify the potential for improvement in heat transfer, productivity, and efficiency.

Kadant Johnson Inc., based in Three Rivers, Michigan, is a leading provider of rotary joints, precision unions, and steam handling systems to process industries, where the company optimizes heat transfer in rotating cylinders and integrates fluid handling systems.

SOURCE: Kadant Johnson Inc.