Sodra Cell Morrum Mill Starts Up Textile Pulp Production

Jan. 26, 2012 - Sodra said that production of textile pulp at Sodra Cell Morrum has begun. Under full operation, annual production is expected to be 170,000 tonnes, and the investment in Morrum will give Sodra competitive textile pulp production based on hardwood.

According to Sodra, the decision to invest in the production of textile pulp was made in December 2010. The Group is anticipating strong market development for textile pulp as it is renewable and timber-based, and it will replace oil-based and cotton fibres.

"We are focusing on textile pulp as this is a growing market to which we can supply a certified, renewable forest raw material," said Gunilla Saltin, President of Sodra Cell.

Magnus Olsson, Site Manager for Sodra Cell Morrum, said, "For Sodra Cell Morrum, this is an important step in the reinforcement of the profitability and competitiveness of the mill."

Sodra’s executive committee has also made a decision in principle about an appropriation limit for production of textile pulp on a further pulp line at one of the company’s pulp mills. A definitive decision on a second textile pulp line at Sodra will be made in 2012.

SOURCE: Sodra Cell