M-real Renews Its Management and Reporting Structure

Jan. 19, 2012 (Press Release) - M-real Corporation, part of Metsaliitto Group, renews its management and reporting structure to better reflect the company’s strategy and the focus on fresh forest fibre paperboard.

M-real operates through two business areas that are also the company’s reporting segments from first quarter of 2012 onwards:

  • Paperboard
  • Paper and Pulp

Pasi Piiparinen (50) has been appointed SVP, Head of Paperboard business area and a member of M-real Corporate Management Team as of 20 March 2012. Piiparinen reports to CEO Mikko Helander. Piiparinen joins M-real from Stora Enso where his latest position was SVP, Sales and Marketing, Fine Paper Business Area. Piiparinen has an extensive background also in Stora Enso’s packaging business. His education is Master of Science, Engineering.

As earlier announced, Mika Joukio, current SVP, Head of Paperboard business area has been appointed CEO of Metsa Tissue Corporation as of 1 February 2012. After Mika Joukio leaves and before Pasi Piiparinen starts in his new position, CEO Mikko Helander will be the acting Head of Paperboard business area.

M-real's Corporate Management Team consists of the following persons:

  • Mikko Helander, CEO, also acting Head of Paperboard business area starting from 1 February 2012 until 19 March 2012
  • Matti Mörsky, CFO
  • Pasi Piiparinen, SVP, Head of Paperboard business area as of 20 March 2012
  • Seppo Puotinen, SVP, Head of Paper and Pulp business area
  • Sari Pajari, SVP, Supply Chain and Business Development
  • Mika Paljakka, SVP, HR
  • Jani Suomalainen, SVP, Procurement

The changes in management structure take effect immediately.

Soili Hietanen and Heikki Husso will step out of M-real’s Corporate Management Team. Husso continues as the Managing Director of M-real Zanders GmbH while Hietanen will work in different development projects in the M-real head office.

Paperboard business area includes the Kemi, Kyro, Simpele, Tako and Äänekoski board mills, Kyro wallpaper base machine and Joutseno BCTMP mill located in Finland as well as Gohrsmühle mill in Germany. Paper and Pulp business area includes Husum paper and pulp mill in Sweden, Alizay mill in France and Kaskinen BCTMP mill in Finland.

As earlier announced, M-real is planning to close the entire Alizay mill and the unprofitable operations at Gohrsmühle mill. The plans are expected to materialize in early 2012 that would improve the company’s profitability materially.

The accounting treatment of the M-real’s 32 percent ownership in Metsä-Botnia will remain unchanged. The associated company result of Metsä-Botnia will be allocated to business segments based on their respective pulp consumption. Roughly two thirds of the result impact of Metsä-Botnia ownership is expected to be included in the Paperboard business area and the rest in Paper and Pulp business area.

M-real will announce its financial statements 2011 on 9 February 2012 based on the old business area and reporting structure. The restated historical figures based on the new business structure will be released during the second half of February 2012.

SOURCE: M-real