Poyry's Green Mill Index Successfully Evaluates Propapier PM2 Mill Site in Germany

Jan. 5, 2012 - The environmental sustainability of Progroup AG's Propapier´s PM2 mill site, located in Germany, has been successfully analyzed with Poyry´s Green Mill Index.

"We want to be forerunners concerning environmental sustainability issues. Poyry's Green Mill Index gave us a complete overview of our production and mill site performance," said Mr. Resvanis from Propapier.

"Although our performance was excellent, there is always room for some improvement and we know now where to concentrate," Resvanis added.

The Green Mill Index is a tool developed by Poyry for pulp and paper mills. The index represents the relations of different indicators and overall environmental performance of a mill and helps to measure e.g. energy or water efficiency. Many of the indicators used in Poyry´s Green Mill Index are based on European Commission standards for best available technology, known as BAT levels.

Progroup AG produces corrugated board formats as its core business. The Propapier PM2 produces high-quality corrugated board base papers exclusively on the basis of waste paper. The special technology of PM2 makes it possible to produce lightweight, fibre-saving new papers for lighter and at the same time more efficient corrugated boards of the "next generation".