M-real Kemi Mill Celebrates 40th Anniversary and Start of New Double-coated Kemiart Grades

Ribbon-cutting ceremony of M-real Kemi mills' 40th anniversary.

Nov. 30, 2011 - M-real Kemi has had two reasons to celebrate in November — its 40th anniversary and the start of a new era in double-coated Kemiart grades.

M-real Kemi mill first opened in October 1971.

In 2011, M-real invested EUR 16 million to upgrade the coating section at the mill, to help support customers’ businesses with improved higher quality products.

The investment was completed in October.

Initial results of the production test period for the double-coated products were successful, and testing will continue through the end of the year, M-real said.

During the transition period starting in January 2012, all current grades and new double-coated grades will be produced, the company added.

SOURCE: M-real