Finnish Forest Industries Federation Elects Juha Vanhainen as Chairman for 2012

Juha Vanhainen

Nov. 29, 2011 - The Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF) announced that Juha Vanhainen, Stora Enso Country Manager (Finland), has been elected as the Chairman of FFIF for the year 2012.

Ilkka Hamala, President and CEO of Metsa-Botnia, and Hans Sohlstrom, Executive Vice President of UPM-Kymmene were appointed vice chairmen.

FFIF's Executive Committee also consists of Pekka Kopra, Managing Director, Versowood Oy; Olli Poutanen, Managing Director, ER-Saha Oy; Sari Ramo, Managing Director, SCA Packaging Finland Oy; and Jouko Virranniemi, CEO, Polkky Oy — all of whom are long-time members.

Representatives of 29 member companies were elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the FFIF in 2012.

Ilkka Hamala and Tapio Pitkanen, CEO of Finndomo Oy, are the only new members.

"Finland has excellent competence and modern factories, but we cannot build out future on these factors alone," said Juha Vanhainen. "The industry needs new products and innovation as the consumption of paper is decreasing in our traditional markets. A cost-effective logistics chain is needed to enable success in international competition.

"From the customers' point of view, flexible and undisturbed labor market is crucial," he added.

SOURCE: Finnish Forest Industries Federation