Sonoco-Alcore Opens New Tube and Core Plant in Grunsfeld, Germany

Oct. 6, 2011 - Sonoco-Alcore S.a.r.l. announced the opening of its new paper tube and core manufacturing facility in Grünsfeld, Germany. The new Grünsfeld plant will focus its production on M-Core™ wide-ply paper mill cores used in the high-end segment of the paper industry.

"Investment in this new facility is primarily about responding to the changing market needs in the European paper industry,” said Adam Wood, vice president of Sonoco-Alcore. “European printing houses have evolved, using wider printing presses and increased running speeds, which means traditional paper mill cores must evolve also.

"With the Grünsfeld facility, we have invested in bringing this technology to Germany, meeting the needs of Central European paper mills and allowing our customers to better supply print houses with a cost-effective, quality product," Wood said.

Sonoco-Alcore developed wide-ply paper technology and the M-Core Series to produce a core with improved properties such as increased dynamic strength and e-modulus, meeting the requirements of new printing machines.

Sonoco-Alcore operates 29 tube and core plants and six paper mills in Europe.

SOURCE: Sonoco-Alcore