Ilim Completes $1.5 Million Process Control System Upgrade at Ust-Ilimsk Pulp Mill

Aug. 25, 2011 (Press Release) - Ilim Group said that a new automated process control system has been installed at the company's Ust-Ilimsk pulp mill in Russia. The system was installed in the cooking and bleaching shops of the Branch's Pulp Line 1.

Total investment cost was USD 1.5 million, Ilim said.

According to Ilim, the new process control system will increase the production output at PL-1 and improve the cooking, washing and bleaching processes. In addition, the new system will help the mill reduce the consumption of chemicals and pure cold water and decrease the environmental impact on the Angara River.

The upgrade project also includes replacement of the old liquor presses and improvement of the washing process flow, Ilim said.

Ilim's Ust-Ilimsk pulp mill produces bleached softwood kraft pulp, unbleached sheet pulp, unbleached pressed pulp, wood chemicals and biochemical products. The mill has the capacity to produce 630,000 tons of market pulp per year.

SOURCE: Ilim Group