Fire at Sodra Cell Monsteras Under Control

Aug. 18, 2011 - Sodra said that a fire that began in a chip conveyor and spread to chip piles at its Monsteras pulp mill in Sweden is now under control.

"We will be concluding the formal rescue work during the afternoon," said Ingemar Idh, who has headed up the rescue and fire-fighting operations.

At its peak, some 50 people from 10 rescue services took part in helping to put out the fire. SCM resources from Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm were called to take advantage of their substantial pump capacity. Five helicopters have been used to drop water on the fire, two of which came from Norway.

On Wednesday, the leaders of the rescue operation decided that formal firefighting efforts could be concluded.

"The buildings that we protected are not in the risk zone, and so Sodra Cell will be taking over responsibility for the ongoing operation. But the high-powered water cannons from SCM will be here until Friday night, and the Monsteras rescue services will also continue to manage the rescue operation," Mr. Idh said.

In a written statement, Sodra said, "Intensive work is in progress to recommission the mill, although this process is unlikely to be complete until early September. Cleanup work and inspection of the shaker shoe and belt conveyors is in progress. Damping down and inspection of the sawdust heaps are ongoing, and charred chips damaged by the fire are being removed."

An investigation is in progress into the cause of the fire. "This will allow us also to decide whether there are any shortcomings in our procedures and to rectify any that we find," said Carsten Wieger, site manager for Sodra Cell Monsteras.


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