Fire in Chip Conveyor Halts Production at Sodra's Monsteras Pulp Mill

Sodra's 750,000 tpy pulp mill in Monsteras, Sweden.

Aug. 16, 2011 - Sodra said that a fire broke out in a chip conveyor last friday at its pulp mill in Monsteras, Sweden.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown and Sodra said the prevailing wind caused the fire to spread rapidly to the three chip stacks at the mill.

According to Sodra, firefighters have battled to contain the fire over the weekend, and the fire is now under control. The fire has not spread, but has been restricted to the chip stacks.

Currently, putting out the fire is expected to take a few more days, Sodra said.

"It is difficult to say with any certainty when production will resume at the mill until the fire has been put out and it is possible to inspect the equipment. We are currently expecting the mill to resume operations within a few weeks. Nobody was injured in the fire," Sodra said in a written statement.

The sawmill in Monsteras was also closed due to the fire. Operations at the sawmill are expected to resume midweek.

Sodra Cell Monsteras is Sodra’s biggest pulp mill with a capacity of 750,000 tonnes per year of pulp. The sawmill is situated next door to the pulp mill.