Vida Paper to Produce Dissolving Pulp at Lessebo Mill

June 14, 2011 - Vida Paper said that it will begin a project that will allow its Lessebo paper mill in Sweden to produce dissolving pulp.

"Resultant from this project, we now have the ability to further improve the quality of our Premium Papers with a full focus on the optimal pulp mixture and particularly so when taken with the additional investment in a new Quality Control System being installed on PM3," said Henrik Thuresson, Mill Sales and Marketing Director.

The initial phase of the cellulose pulp production project will temporarily reduce the volume of finished paper manufactured at the mill, and some less profitable production volume will be sacrificed to that end, the company said. However, Thuresson noted that "none of the mill's valued primary contracts with our major customers and merchant groups will be effected by this temporary reduction."

The new dissolving pulp will be in production early in Autumn 2011 and comprise a volume of 28,000 tonnes per year, Vida said.

Vida Paper currently manufactures 30,000 tonnes per year (for own paper production) of sulphite pulp and 52,000 tonnes per year of White and Cream Shade Premium Uncoated Papers , Coloured Uncoated Woodfree and Woodfree Digital Papers.

Dissolving Pulp is a specialty pulp with a concentrated cellulose content. Vida Paperís pulp is based on 100% Spruce wood chips. Among other industrial uses dissolving pulp is used in textile, cellophane and hygiene product manufacture.

SOURCE: Vida Paper AB