Mitsubishi Paper Mills Gives Update on Three Mills in Japan

March 24, 2011 - Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd (MPM) today provided an update on three of its mills in Japan that were affected by the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills' Hachinohe mill in Japan (prior to earthquake and tsunami)

At MPM's Hachinohe mill (Hachinohe city, Aomori prefecture), operations have stopped. The tsunami flooded the ground floor of the plant and the electrical system was severely damaged. However, damage to the buildings and paper machines was minor, MPM said.

MPM said that from the end of April it will start up Hachinohe's power plants one-by-one (recovery of utility generation facility). From mid-May, there will be a one-by-one startup of the mill's 7 paper machines and 3 coaters.

MPM also noted that in consideration of the nationwide power shortage, it is talking to local authorities, Aomori prefecture, Tohoku Electric Power, to supply some power to the electric company from the Hachinohe mill's power plant as soon as the plant resumes operation.

MPM's Kitakami Division (Kitakami HiTech Paper Co., Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture) incurred relatively minor damage, and operations of hygienic paper production facilities were restarted on March 21. “Despite some concern about the shortage of certain raw materials, from the beginning of April on, the pulp plant, the paper machine and the resin coaters are planned to resume stepwise,” MPM said in a written statement.

The company's Shirakawa plant (Nishigou, Nishishirakawa County, Fukushima Prefecture) incurred minimal damage and the stock finishing process was back in operation on March 18. As of March 23, the mill is back in operation including its two paper machines, although it may take more time to bring the machines to full capacity production due to the shortage of the heavy oil supply, MPM said.

SOURCE: Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd