NewPage Releases Ed #14 – Getting Personal

Ed #14
Print Communication + Social Media

Dec. 1, 2010 - NewPage announced the release of Getting Personal, the fourteenth issue in its "Ed" series of educational brochures. This new issue points out how the world is connecting audiences at many different communication points, engaging them in very personal ways. Whether print, advertising, mobile or social media, in Ed #14 Getting Personal, readers learn that the most effective messaging utilizes a combination of all these mediums.

Throughout the brochure, Ed shares a number of case studies of leading marketers who reinforce the importance of print in a marketing media mix, achieving maximum customer reach and engagement.

In Ed #14 Getting Personal, readers experience advanced technology now available through the print medium. These include variable printing, QR codes (advanced bar codes, when printed in an advertisement utilizing smartphones direct buyers to specific websites) and augmented reality (an interactive three dimensional online experience that starts on a printed page).

"Despite the continuing talk that print is losing relevance, Ed shows us in Getting Personal, that print continues to remain one of the strongest means to deliver a message," says Steve DeVoe, vice president marketing for NewPage. "It's versatile and accessible to all, regardless of age or income, and still preferred among a large segment of consumers for receiving information."

The "Ed" series is a friendly educator of all things paper, printing and design — a source for information and inspiration to help the creative community express their ideas, on-press and on paper.

The brochure series is accompanied by the Web site.

SOURCE: NewPage Corp.