Xerium Technologies Unveils Advanced Rolls Product Series

Sept. 17, 2010 - Xerium Technologies announced the full commercial availability of a technologically advanced new series of roll cover products for the paper industry.

According to Xerium, the new series of roll covers are designed for improved machine performance, better wear and longer, more efficient product life. In addition, the patented roll cover products are designed to reduce operational costs and maximize the output of existing equipment, while enhancing product customization capabilities for each individual customer.

The new series of roll cover products from Xerium includes:

  • Gemini - increased fiber fraction and nanoparticle technology deliver exponential increased toughness and durability for the most demanding calendaring applications, while still maintaining superior surface finish. New Gemini nanoparticle covers feature the most advanced technology available for today’s high performance calendars and supercalendars.
  • Genesis - cover design with nanoparticle technology delivers toughness and durability in the most demanding supercalendar and soft calendar applications, while maintaining superior surface finish.
  • Rebel - an exclusive new generation of polyurethane covers for maximum tissue machine performance. Available in a wide hardness range and all venting combinations of suction, blind drilled and grooved, Rebel pressure roll covers provide superior nip conditions for tissue quality and machine efficiency.
  • Xtreme - covers are high strength, extremely tough rubber materials that are cool running and maintain very stable nip conditions. Xtreme technology is tailored to specific cover application requirements to provide superior machine efficiency and sheet quality, along with long life in both conventional and TAD pressure roll applications.

"These latest technological advancements in our rolls business mirror what we've been doing in our clothing business, as we push hard to offer the greatest range of innovation in the marketplace," said Stephen R. Light, President, Xerium's CEO and Chairman.

"We are working closely with our customers to enhance their operating efficiencies and quality, while significantly lowering their cost of operation and inventories," he added.

SOURCE: Xerium Technologies, Inc.