UPM Shotton Newsprint Mill Gets Greener

UPM's Shotton Mill in Wales

Sept. 10, 2010 - UPM said that its Shotton newsprint mill has entered a long term deal with the waste management company, PHS Special Contracts, to reprocess all of the mill's rejected material into useful products.

The Shotton mill, located in northeastern Wales, UK, currently recycles 650,000 tons of recovered paper per year in its newsprint manufacturing process, combusts deinking residues to make energy and reuses the ash from the combustion process.

The deal with PHS will divert mixed waste materials from going to a landfill.

According to UPM, mixed waste from Shotton's pulping process will be cleaned and reprocessed to make recycled plastic products such as railway sleepers, furniture and high quality plastic board. Other materials sent to PHS which cannot be processed on their site, such as tin and aluminum, will be sent to other reprocessors.

In January 2010, UPM Shotton announced the construction of a Materials Recovery Facility on site to separate mixed recyclable materials from curbside collections to a recovered paper suitable for newsprint manufacture.

The Shotton mill has an annual capacity to produce 520,000 tons of newsprint and employs about 360 workers.