Burrows Paper to Begin Paper Machine Rebuild, Energy Project

Aug. 30, 2010 - Burrows Paper said that it has started work on two capital projects at its paper mill in Pickens, Mississippi.

The first project is an extensive rebuild of the mill's #41 paper machine, which includes the installation a new 15' MG cylinder and integrated MG hood — custom built by Metso.

Substantial foundation and other preparatory work to support the new machine will begin in October, Burrows said.

A new winder has already been installed to accommodate the increased speed and output of the paper machine, the company added.

The entire rebuild is scheduled for completion before year-end.

The second project, to be implemented concurrently, involves installation of heating and ventilation units with equipment to utilize geothermal energy for heating and cooling the mill.

“These projects highlight the innovative and environmentally conscious approach we bring to our work every day,” said Mike Lengvarsky, Burrows' president and COO. “We believe it's possible to simultaneously enhance our production process and reduce our impact on the environment.

“The modernization of this paper machine means that we can make paper at faster speeds and reduced cost, make additional grades of paper that we can't make today, and enhance the quality and performance of our paper,” Lengvarsky added.

Burrows' Manager of Energy Services, Michael McCormick, said the use of geothermal energy to heat the facility will result in a 4 percent reduction in the use of natural gas, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 342 tons per year.

The geothermal process extracts heat from water after its use in the production process, as the water is heated to upwards of 100 degrees. Normally, this water would go through a cooling process before it's released back into the environment. With the geothermal process in place, much less cooling is required, and the energy is captured and reused.

“This is a unique project,” McCormick explained. “Most geothermal heat is drawn from steam; however, we are extracting heat directly from the well water we use during production.”

The geothermal project is funded in part with federal stimulus funds for renewable energy projects issued through the Mississippi Development Authority.

SOURCE: Burrows Paper Corp.

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