U.S. Paperboard Production Increased in November

Dec. 22, 2009 - According to the American Forest & Paper Associationís November 2009 U.S. Paperboard Report, total production increased from October totals by 5,300 tons or 0.5%. Total paperboard production increased by 0.4% in November, 2009 compared to November 2008.

Unbleached Kraft Folding rose over previous year. Production of Unbleached Kraft Folding saw an increase of 9.2% in production from November 2008. Novemberís production increased 8.9% over October 2009.

Solid Bleached Folding production fell from previous year. Current monthproduction decreased 17.0% when compared to November 2008 and 6.2% when compared to last month. Solid Bleached Packaging operated at 91.0% capacity in November 2009, up 5.6 points from October 2009, and down 4.0 points from November 2008.

Recycled Folding production increased over last year. Recycled Folding rose 2.4% over November 2008 but fell 3.6% against October 2009 production. Recycled Board operated at 89.4% capacity in November 2009, up from 88.3% in October 2009, and up 4.8 points over November 2008.

Inventories of Solid Bleached Kraft Paperboard increased. The current Solid Bleached Kraft Paperboard inventories fell 2.2% when compared to November 2008, but fell 9,626 tons or 2.9% over last month.

About AF&PA
The American Forest & Paper Association is the national trade association of the forest products industry, representing pulp, paper, and wood products manufacturers, and forest landowners. AF&PA member companies make essential products from renewable and recyclable resources that sustain the environment. The forest products industry employs 1 million workers and generates 6 percent of the total U.S. manufacturing GDP. Visit AF&PA online at www.afandpa.org.

SOURCE: American Forest & Paper Association

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