Fraser Temporarily Shutting Down Paper Machine in Maine

May 1, 2009 - Fraser Papers Inc. said that it plans to curtail production of commodity groundwood paper grades on paper machine #6 at its paper mill in Madawaska, Maine for an indefinite period starting the week of May 4, 2009.

Some 100 employees at the Madawaska operations will be laid off indefinitely, Fraser said.

The company said it will continue operating the remaining five paper machines in Madawaska.

"The impact of a weak economy and a drop in advertising has led to falling demand for publishing papers and today this market segment is significantly oversupplied," said Jeff Dutton, president and COO of Fraser Papers.

"In addition, we strongly believe that these poor market conditions are partly due to Alternative Fuel Tax Credits which are providing an enormous incentive to certain of our competitors to produce at full capacity when they may not otherwise do so. We are calling on the U.S. Government to close this outrageous tax loophole that unfairly benefits a select group of paper companies in the country," Dutton said.

Fraser noted that it will continue to service all of its customers in the specialty printing and packaging segments as well as all customers of high-bright groundwood papers.

The company will also work with its commodity groundwood paper customers as they transition to other producers.

In 2008, paper machine #6 produced 69,000 tons of groundwood papers.

SOURCE: Fraser Papers Inc.

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