U.S. Containerboard Production Decreased in November

Dec. 23, 2008 - According to the American Forest & Paper Associationís November 2008 U. S. Containerboard Statistics Report, total containerboard paper production decreased 12.8% in November compared to November 2007. Total containerboard paper production, however, for year-to-date 2008 was down just 1.7% when compared to the eleven months of 2007. Total containerboard exports fell nearly 12.0% over the same month last year. This is only the second month during 2008 in which exports declined from year-ago exports. U.S. containerboard operating rate was down 12.7% in November versus year-ago and 2.4% when comparing year-to-date operating rates. The inventory levels for U.S. containerboard increased from October 2008, up 56,655 tons.

Linerboard production decreased in November 2008. Linerboard production fell 14.2% when compared to November, 2007. Linerboard exports posted a 13.2% decrease over same month last year. Again, only two months in 2008 reported a decline in exports and year-to-date exports rose 7.0%. The operating rate for linerboard was down 14.7% compared to same month last year. Year-to-date operating rate fell by 4.3% versus year-to-date 2007. Linerboard inventories at mill were 283,843 up 17.9% or 43,171 tons, from October 2008.

Medium production was down from last November. Medium production decreased by 9.1% while exports of medium rose 2.6% when compared to November 2007. With the exception of September 2008, every monthís exports experienced increase over year-ago, representing a 34.8% increase over year-to-date 2007. The operating rate declined to 90.5% as compared to 97.7% same month last year, however, year-to-date operating rates were up 2.4% over same period last year. Mill inventories for corrugating medium were 95,531 tons, an increase of 16.4% or 13,484 tons compared to last month.

SOURCE: American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA)

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