Pulp Imports to China Surged in 2007

April 4, 2008 - Statistics from China Customs showed, in 2007, China imported a total of 8.472 million metric tons of pulp at the value of USD 5.55 billion, up 6.5% and 26.3% respectively from 2006, according to a news report on China Paper Online. And, demand for pulp imports in China continues to grow.

Highlights from the report show:

  • General trade imports increased nearly 70%, but processing trade slumped. Since 2007, China imported 5.871 million mts of pulp through general trade pattern, up 5.7% from a year earlier and accounting for 69.3% in total pulp imports of the country. In 2007, pulp imported through processing trade pattern registered 1.338 million mts, a drop of 10% year on year. Pulp imported through entry/exit goods pattern that were stored at bonded warehouse registered 796,000 mts, up56.6%.
  • Original export countries are comparatively concentrated. Canada is the largest export country. In 2007, China imported 2.23 million mts of pulp from Canada, up 2.4% from 2006, representing 26.3% of total imports in China. In 2007, the main export countries included ASEAN, Russia, Chili and the U.S. 1.306 million mts were imported from ASEAN, down 8.2% from a year ago. Imported pulp from Chili, Russia and the U.S. registered 1.043 million mts, 1.021 million mts and 1.012 million mts—a year-over-year increase of 62.8%, 4.9% and 28.5% respectively. The total pulp imported from a/m five countries accounted for 78% of China’s total pulp import in 2007.
  • Almost all of the imported pulp was wood pulp. In 2007, wood pulp imported from overseas totaled 8.386 million mts—a year-over-year increase of 6.4%—representing 99% of total pulp import in China.
  • Foreign funded firms in China took more than half of imported pulp. In 2007, foreign funded firms operating in China imported 4.623 million mts of pulp, a year-over-year increase of 6.1%, representing 54.6% of total pulp imported in China. In the same year, state-run or private enterprises in China imported 1.969 million mts and 1.461 million mts of pulp, up 0.7% and 8.1% respectively from 2006.
  • The price of imported pulp soared. In 2007, the average import price of pulp was US$ 655 per ton, increasing 18.7% from previous year. The price in December broke the record of US$ 700/ton to US$ 706.8/ton, the highest monthly average import price within the year.

SOURCE: China Paper Online

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