Eka Chemicals to Builds Chlorine Dioxide Plant in Brazil

June 16, 2006 - Eka Chemicals do Brazil S.A. has signed an agreement with Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A. to supply a new turn-key chlorine dioxide plant with a long term chlorate supply agreement to the Mucuri pulp mill, Bahia, Brazil.

The Suzano Mucuri is an integrated mill located on the south coast of Bahia State. The mill has the capacity to produce 700, 000 tpy of eucalyptus pulp and 270,000 tpy of printing and writing papers.

In addition, Suzano is building a new large scale pulp mill line at Mucuri, with start-up scheduled for August 2007. The mill will be capable of producing 1.25 million tpy of eucalyptus ECF (elemental chlorine free) bleached pulp.

Initially, Eka built a 25 tpd chlorine dioxide (SVP-Lite) plant at Mucuri, Bahia in 2003. For the new pulp mill line, Suzano and Eka have signed an agreement for Eka to build a second turn-key 45 tpd chlorine dioxide plant. This new plant will use SVP-SCW technology with methanol as a reducing agent. According to Eka, the new process has the advantage of facilitating a neutral salt cake residue and lower sulphuric acid consumption and is scheduled to go on-stream on August 15, 2007.

The chlorine dioxide process and plant will be operated by pulp mill personnel and remote-monitored from the Eka Chemicals factory in Jundiai, Brazil, supported by the Eka operations center in Stockvik, Sweden.

The agreement includes 15 years supply of sodium chlorate to be delivered from the new Eka Chemicals plant started up in 2005, at Eunápolis, Bahia.

SOURCE: Eka Chemicals

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