All Weyerhaeuser US Mills Now Produce Certified Products

Feb. 22, 2006 (Press Release) - Weyerhaeuser Company said that all of its 68 paper and wood products mills in the United States now meet independent standards for responsible wood purchasing.

Outside auditors certified that all of Weyerhaeuser's U.S. primary mills meet the procurement provisions of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) Standard. To earn this distinction, mills must:

  • Know where their logs and chips come from and the type of supplier,
  • Monitor suppliers' compliance with state best management practices, and
  • Promote sustainable forest practices among log and chip suppliers.

"This is further assurance we can provide our customers with certified products," says Cassie Phillips, Vice President of Sustainable Forests and Products. Among the certified products made by Weyerhaeuser's U.S. mills are:

  • Lumber, oriented strand board, Parallam® and TimberStrand® engineered lumber, and plywood for construction
  • Hardwood lumber for furniture and cabinetry
  • Cellulose fiber for paper and absorbent products
  • Printing paper for books, magazines and office uses
  • Brown paper for bags and corrugated boxes
  • Liquid packaging board for beverage cartons and food service products

The SFI standard is governed by an independent board with equal representation from environmental organizations, the forest products industry and the broader forestry community. The SFI standard promotes the long-term health of forests through responsible forest management practices and through procurement practices by mills using logs or chips as their basic raw material.

All of Weyerhaeuser's U.S. forests have previously been independently certified as meeting the SFI standard. In Canada, all of the forests managed by Weyerhaeuser are certified under the Canadian Standards Association (CAN/CSA Z809) Sustainable Forest Management standard or the SFI standard. Today's announcement extends SFI certification to all of Weyerhaeuser's U.S. mills, which rely on wood from forests managed by Weyerhaeuser and other landowners.

In addition to its U.S. primary mills, all of Weyerhaeuser's U.S. office and printing paper converting plants have been certified to meet the SFI label-use requirements for secondary manufacturing facilities. To earn this certification, at least two-thirds of the material used in the product must come from independently certified forests or from suppliers who have an independently-certified SFI procurement system.

SOURCE: Weyerhaeuser Company

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