PaperAge - Editorial Guidelines

The following notes are intended to provide authors with some general guidelines for articles submitted to PaperAge magazine for publication.

Physical Format: Articles should be submitted in a Word document.

Graphics: Authors are asked to include graphics with their articles. Please DO NOT embed images in the Word document. Images should be sent as separate files in jpg, gif, or tif format. Positioning of images within the article should be referenced in the text.

Length: Typically, articles should be about 1500 - 2,000 words, and no less than 800 words.

Byline: We include the author's name, title and company with the published article.

Deadlines: Your finished material must be in our hands 60 days before publication date. For example, material to be published in a March/April issue must be in our hands by February 1.

Audience: Typical readers of PaperAge are: corporate officers, senior and upper management, vice presidents of manufacturing, mill managers and superintendents, technical directors, project directors, chemical and process engineers, and research and development personnel.

Editorial Advice: Consider the readers listed above. For the most part they are highly-educated and well-trained, and are interested in increasing their knowledge in their respective fields. Introductory-level articles just don't command much interest.

Editor's Final Plea: Please stay away from authoring a commercial message praising a company's capabilities or its products. PaperAge's primary source of revenue comes from selling advertising space, not giving it away.

If you have any questions concerning editorial, please email John O'Brien at: