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Paper Has Its Place at Work, School and Home

taking notes by hand When it comes to learning, 75% of people polled in a research study agree that taking notes by hand helps them retain information better.

Jan. 8, 2020 (Press Release) - Can you benefit from choosing to use paper when you learn or lead? Our research shows that around three out of four people think so. In recent research conducted by Isobar measuring consumer attitudes and use on behalf of the Paper and Packaging Board in 2019, consumer attitudes remain strong when it comes to paper's value in their lives as well as their concerns about digital.

The research reports that 80% agree that it is important to take a break and 'unplug' from digital devices. Fully 7 in 10 agree that being 'plugged in' all the time is unhealthy. To track those who are aware of the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign which features lovable paper and box characters across advertising and social media, the research reports on the audience's response and clear preference for paper as the antidote.

In learning:

  • 75% agree that taking notes by hand helps them retain information better*;
  • 74% report they concentrate better when reading a printed book*; and,
  • 62% wish their school or company did not discourage or restrict printing (a statistically significant increase of 14% since the start of the campaign).

In the office or at home:

  • 76% state that sitting down with a printed copy of a magazine is a rewarding experience*;
  • 67% agree that printed catalogs inspire more ideas than browsing an e-commerce site*;
  • 69% agree they enjoy receiving direct mail and find it a good source of information/ideas; and,
  • 67% prefer to distribute printed agendas and documents at meetings*.

Importantly, 79% agree that even as technology becomes more advanced, paper continues to play an important role in their lives*. Look for more information on the role paper plays in this article, Paper Provides Solutions to Digital Distractions.

Find downloadable tools like planner pages, preparedness planning tools and journaling tips for high productivity and more information on how paper can help success in school and in business at

*These numbers represent a four-year average of responses from those aware of the campaign over nine waves of research since 2015. (Isobar, October 2019. n=704)

About the Paper and Packaging Board

The Paper and Packaging Board promotes the use of paper products and paper-based packaging by highlighting the value they bring to our daily lives. More than 40 U.S. manufacturers and importers collectively fund the national marketing campaign, Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® To learn more about the Paper and Packaging Board, please visit:

SOURCE: Paper and Packaging Board