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Visy's Pulp and Paper Mill in Tumut, NSW, Australia Takes Precautions Due to Fires

Visy Tumut mill An aerial view of Visy's pulp and paper mill in Tumut, New South Wales, Australia.

Jan. 7, 2020 - Visy's pulp and paper mill in Tumut, New South Wales, Australia, has set up constant fire patrols around its mill and is ready to implement an action plan to shut down its operation if the Dunns Road fire should threaten, the Tumut and Adelong Times reported on Jan. 4.

Pulp mill manager Uday Bhagwat said the facility had two teams on patrols around the mill, which sits on a sizeable parcel of rural land, while others are spotting for any potential outbreaks around the facility.

Visy also has its own fire truck, operated by a trained emergency response team. The mill has taken other precautions around site such as wetting down its waste paper area.

Mr. Bhagwat said a safety manager was on site, as well as himself — with management oversight to continue into the night shift — and the mill had an action plan in place should the mill come under threat from the blaze.

The fireground on Jan. 4 was about 15km to the west of the mill.

The complete story is available on Tumut and Adelong Times website:

SOURCE: Tumut and Adelong Times