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Oji to Close Nayoro Mill in Japan, Plans to Relocate One Paper Machine to Tomakomai Mill

Oji Paper

Oct. 4, 2019 - Oji Holdings Corporation announced that it has worked on restructuring its Group manufacturing system in response to the structural changes in domestic demand in Japan. As a result, Oji has decided to close the manufacturing operations of the Nayoro Mill (Oji Materia Co., Ltd.) and relocate one of the mill's paper machines to the Tomakomai Mill of Oji Paper Co., Ltd.

The measures involve relocating #2 Machine at Nayoro to Tomakomai Mill. The #2 Machine produces special liner and special paperboard, and has a production capacity of 47,000 tons per year. After its relocation, Oji expects to restart the machine in April of 2022.

The Nayoro mill's other paper machine, #3, which has the capacity to produce 163,000 tpy of corrugating medium, is slated for shutdown in December of 2021.

Oji also noted that #5 Machine at the Tomakomai Mill is being converted from newsprint (200,000 tpy) to containerboard and kraft paper. Oji did not disclose the potential production capacity of #5 after the conversion, but expects it to restart in 2021.

SOURCE: Oji Holdings Corporation