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Phoenix Paper Starts-up Wickliffe Pulp and Paper Mill in Kentucky

Phoenix Paper Wickliffe Mill personnel stand in front of the first roll of bleached hardwood pulp produced on May 29 at Phoenix Paper's pulp and paper mill in Wickliffe, Kentucky.

June 3, 2019 - Phoenix Paper Wickliffe, LLC announced the official restart of its Wickliffe, Kentucky, pulp and paper mill. According to the company, the mill produced its first roll of bleached hardwood pulp on May 29.

China-based Shanying International, the parent company of Phoenix Paper, bought the idled mill from Verso for $16 million in September of 2018 and is investing $150 million to upgrade the mill and convert its production from uncoated and coated freesheet grades to the production of kraft linerboard. The mill will also produce bleached hardwood and softwood pulp, and recycled (OCC) pulp.

Phoenix Paper says about 224 people are now working at the Wickliffe facility.

Phoenix Paper says it expects to produce about 300,000 tons of product per year once the mill is fully optimized.

Phoenix Paper Wickliffe, LLC is a subsidiary of Shanying International and is Shanying's first pulp and paper mill in the United States. To learn more, please visit:

SOURCE: Phoenix Paper Wickliffe, LLC

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