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Valmet to Supply Papierfabrik Palm with Containerboard Production Line in Germany

Valmet containerboard machine Valmet will supply Papierfabrik Palm with a new containerboard machine (PM 5) that will have the capacity to produce 750,000 tons per year of recycled fluting and testliner grades.

April 24, 2019 - Valmet will supply a containerboard making line (PM 5) with extensive packages of mill-wide automation and services for Papierfabrik Palm's (Palm) Aalen-Neukochen mill in Germany. The new high-capacity board machine will replace three existing smaller machines and will be designed to produce lightweight and high-quality recycled fluting and testliner grades.

The value of the order will not be disclosed, but Valmet said the total value of an order of this type and scope is typically around EUR 150-200 million.

The 11,700-mm-wide (wire) board machine will produce recycled fluting and testliner grades with the basis weight range of 60-110 g/m2. The design speed of the machine will be 2,000 m/min and the annual capacity 750,000 tonnes.

Start-up is scheduled for 2021.

"Palm PM 5 will be the largest containerboard machine in the world,” said Jari Vähäpesola, Paper Business Line President of Valmet. “We offered Palm an outstanding combination of high-end technology, comprehensive selection of service, automation and industrial internet. I'm pleased to say that Palm and Valmet have been cooperating for decades and hopefully this good relationship will continue over the coming decades.”

Scope of Supply

Valmet's delivery for PM 5 will include a high-speed containerboard making line from broke collection to reel and winder. OptiPress Center with transfer belt technology enables closed sheet transfer from press to dryer for high runnability and production efficiency at high speeds.

OptiSizer Hard is a unique size application method where hard covered nip rolls press the size deep into the paper web improving surface and internal strengths. OptiReel Linear reel combined with OptiWin Pro winder with Dual Unwind deliver substantially high capacity level without any compromises on safety. The delivery will also include complete process air system for board machine and machine hall ventilation.

The mill-wide automation package includes Valmet DNA Automation System for process and drive controls as well as runnability and condition monitoring. The Valmet IQ Quality Management Solution features scanning measurements, related machine and cross direction controls and profilers.

Valmet's delivery will also include a vast services package. Steep start-up curve and optimal production conditions of PM 5 will be ensured with a long-term Valmet Performance Agreement and a comprehensive spare parts and consumables package.

Long-term Valmet Performance Agreement was also signed for another Palm machine. Valmet's maintenance expert located on-site will support the maintenance establishment of Palm PM 5. The establishment support, in addition to the provided master data, will set a strong foundation for the maintenance operations. Five-year agreements of Valmet Paper Machine Clothing and Valmet Roll Service are also included.

The start-up and the further optimization of the new board machine will be supported remotely from Valmet Performance Center and with Valmet Industrial Internet solutions. Online strength information and the quality predictions gained with Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer help the optimizing of raw material and chemical consumption. Valmet Paper Machine Diagnostics tool provides in-depth information about the machine performance and condition of the equipment, which can be used to predict and avoid production losses and increase the process reliability. Also, automation system control loop and actuator performance are continuously monitored and analyzed by automated tools.

About Papierfabrik Palm

Palm is one of the leading companies in the European paper industry and Germany's largest family owned business in the paper industry. The Palm Group is divided into the paper division with its 5 paper mills for the manufacture of paper and the packaging division with 26 plants for the manufacture of corrugated board.

The third pillar of Palm's operations, which encompasses the purchasing of raw materials for all its papers and corrugated boards made from 100% recycled paper are joined under the umbrella of Palm Recycling consisting of two recycling companies.

The plant in Aalen-Neukochen is the origin and the head office of both the Palm Group and Papierfabrik Palm.

Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. To learn more, please visit:

SOURCE: Valmet

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