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Voith Starts-up New Shoe Presses on Two Board Machines at Wanlida Paper Products

Voith Paper - new NipcoFlex shoe press at Wanlida Paper The Wanlida BM 4 and BM 5 paper machines were designed to manufacture testliner paper from 100% domestic recycled paper. The new NipcoFlex shoe presses were put into operation on November 25, 2017.

Feb. 6, 2018 - Voith Paper announced that the new NipcoFlex shoe presses that it installed on BM 4 and BM 5 paper machines at Wanlida Paper Products Co., Ltd in China were started up successfully.

The upgrade was part of a contract whereby Voith Paper was to provide three NipcoFlex shoe presses along with the control systems for the second presses on the BM 3, BM 4, and BM 5 at Wanlida.

In the upgrade on the BM 4 and BM 5 machines, the entire process from shutting down to restarting was carried out smoothly, Voith noted.

The two paper machines were designed to manufacture testliner from 100% domestic recycled paper with a basis weight of 120 to 200 g/m2 and a wire section width of 6260 mm.

According to Voith, when the new NipcoFlex shoe presses were put into operation on November 25, the operating speed of the two machines went up by 50 to 80 m/min and the dryness of the paper out of the press section went up from 45% to over 50%, while steam consumption and paper breaks were reduced appreciably and sheet strength improved considerably, well surpassing the expectations of the client.

The shoe press upgrade on the BM 3 will take place soon, Voith added.

Wanlida Paper commented, “We are very satisfied with the overall performance of the machines following the shoe press upgrade, which has brought us tangible and notable benefits in terms of improved dryness, reduced energy consumption, lowered operating and maintenance costs, and improved operational efficiency.”

About Wanlida

Located in the township of Xintang, Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province, China, Guangzhou Wanlida Paper Products Co., Ltd., a Sino-foreign joint venture, is a major manufacturer of kraft, liner, and high-strength corrugated paper in China.

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SOURCE: Voith GmbH