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Södra Cell Mörrum Produced 500,000 Tonnes Of Dissolving Pulp

Sodra pulp bales Following Södra's recent decision to invest SEK 1 billion in Södra Cell Mörrum, the mill's production of dissolving pulp is expected to increase even further as of 2018.

May 23, 2016 (Press Release) - As of mid-May, Södra has produced 500,000 tonnes of dissolving pulp at its pulp mill in Mörrum. Production started in December 2011 and has increased steadily since then.

"Demand for dissolving pulp for textile purposes is increasing globally," says Magnus Björkman, Marketing and Sales Director at Södra Cell. "Demand is being driven by population growth and rising prosperity along with a shift toward textiles that offer a more sustainable alternative."

Wood can be used in many areas and in the production of numerous products. Fibre is the main component and is thus ideal for production on an industrial scale.

"Södra made the strategic decision in 2011 to invest in an additional strong fibre product through the production of dissolving pulp," says Annica Larsson Ahlstedt, Development Manager at Södra Cell Mörrum. "We have two production lines at Mörrum - one for dissolving pulp and one for paper pulp - which provides us with ample room to grow in the future."

Replacing synthetic, oil-based fibre with fibre from forest raw material can significantly reduce the greenhouse gas effect. Substantial environmental gains can also be achieved by using forest-based textile fibres instead of cotton.

Sustainability and Quality

Södra's dissolving pulp is entirely traceable to certified, sustainable forestry operations. But quality is also crucial.

"Dissolving pulp from Södra maintains a high standard of quality and is a certified sustainable product," says Magnus Björkman. "This combination is important to customers."

Following the company's recent decision to invest an impressive SEK 1 billion in Södra Cell Mörrum, its production of dissolving pulp is expected to increase even further as of 2018.

About Södra Cell Mörrum

Södra Cell Mörrum produces dissolving pulp for textile purposes from hardwood and paper pulp from softwood. The mill produces 145,000 tonnes of dissolving pulp for textile purposes and 280,000 tonnes of paper pulp annually, corresponding to a total of 425,000 tonnes.

Södra, with headquarters in Vaxjo, Sweden, produces market pulp, wood products and biofuels. The company operates three pulp mills in Sweden (Mörrum, Mönsterås and Värö.) with a total capacity of 1.6 million tonnes per year. Sodra produces both softwood and hardwood pulp — 90% softwood and 10% hardwood. To learn more, please visit: