Xerium Building New Rolls and Service Facility in Corlu, Turkey

Dave Pretty, Xerium's President of North America and Europe, and Recep Agci, of Modern Karton, Istanbul were instrumental in making Xerium's new greenfield plant a reality.

Aug. 19, 2014 - Xerium Technologies said that it is building a new rolls and mechanical services facility located in Corlu, Turkey.

The facility is under construction and the equipment is already on hand.

From this geographic location, Xerium will provide its full suite of patented performance-enhancing roll solutions to customers in the surrounding region. The new facility will perform roll grinding, roll recovering and mechanical services on site.

Xerium is also increasing its field sales and service staff for the region for machine clothing, roll services, mechanical services and machine automation through its SMART® Roll sensor solutions.

According to Xerium, the new facility will be the first major rolls and service facility established in Turkey, by any of the industry's major global suppliers. Importantly, these products and services will be delivered through a local workforce familiar and respectful of local customs, Xerium noted.

The plant will be co-located on the grounds of Modern Karton, one of the largest and most integrated producers in the region.

"Xerium is honored to be the first major global competitor to build a plant in the region and proud of its relationship with Eren Holding and Modern Karton. We look forward to delivering superior mechanical services, roll covering capabilities, and machine automation services to the region," said Harold Bevis, Xerium's President and CEO.

"This area of Europe is healthy and growing in the industries we serve. We believe this commitment will bring value to the area for all three of Xerium's product categories — roll coverings, mechanical services and machine clothing," Bevis added.

The new plant is expected to be in production in the first quarter of 2015.

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SOURCE: Xerium Technologies, Inc.