Xerium Introduces EnerVent Roll Cover Venting Technology for Tissue Machines

Aug. 13, 2014 - Xerium Technologies recently launched EnerVent roll venting technology for tissue machines. EnerVent, which is patent pending, utilizes an innovative combination of roll grooving geometry which provides increased nip dewatering with softer, wider nips. It is specially engineered for rubber covers applied to tissue suction pressure roll positions and is already reducing energy costs and increasing machine speeds for existing tissue producers.

EnerVent cover venting allows customers to utilize softer rubber cover designs such as Xtreme TS which improves overall pressure uniformity with the Yankee dryer.

"EnerVent is yet another example of our commitment to helping customers become more energy efficient in a globally competitive market," said Mr. Bill Butterfield, EVP and CTO of Xerium. "We are excited to see tissue makers already achieving significant savings at their mills through the application of this innovative roll venting concept in combination with Xerium's unique cover material technology."

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SOURCE: Xerium Technologies, Inc.