Kruger Products Crabtree Mill Recognized for Electric Energy Reduction

Kruger Products Crabtree mill produces trademarked tissue products such as Cashmere, Purex, Scotties, and SpongeTowels.

June 25, 2014 - Kruger Products L.P. is proud to announce that its Crabtree, Quebec, Canada plant has been named a member of reseau Ecolectrique d'Hydro-Quebec for reducing electrical energy consumption by at least 5%.

"We are honoured to be part of this distinct group of companies in Quebec and appreciate Hydro Quebec's recognition of our efforts to reduce our energy consumption," says Daniel Dumont, General Manager Region East, Kruger Products. "We believe that big companies can make a big difference, so we are always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption and bring us closer to reaching our target set through Sustainability 2015."

The Crabtree tissue plant has embarked on a number of energy efficiency projects in recent years that have contributed to earning this distinction, including:

  • Upgrade of the facility's lighting system, a reduction of 7,700 MWh per year;
  • Upgrade of the plant's recycled screening system, a reduction of 300 MWh per year; and
  • Improvements to the plant's compressed air system, a reduction of 1,200 MWh/year

The Hydro-Quebec Ecolectrique network includes major companies from various industries that are recognized for their leadership and outstanding performance in energy efficiency. As part of the energy efficiency program, these companies have reduced energy consumption by at least 5% or at least 50 GWh per year, adopted a formal energy efficiency policy and have a dedicated employee who is responsible for energy management.

In addition to its four paper machines, the Crabtree mill has a deinking and recycling paper mill, a converting facility and shipping facilities.

SOURCE: Kruger Products L.P.