UPM's Biofore Concept Car Project Gains Recognition as Communications Campaign of the Year

In the Biofore Concept Car, the majority of parts traditionally made from plastic have been replaced with durable, high quality biomaterials.

June 4, 2014 - ProCom, the Finnish Association of Communications Professionals, has awarded the Biofore Concept Car project by UPM and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as the Communications Campaign of the year.

The Biofore Concept Car — showcased at the International Geneva Motor Show in March — demonstrates the innovative use of biomaterials in the car industry. In the Concept Car, the majority of parts traditionally made from plastic have been replaced with durable, high quality biomaterials — UPM Formi and UPM Grada — and the vehicle runs on UPM's renewable wood-based diesel, UPM BioVerno.

During the past year, the Biofore Concept Car has been covered by over 200 different media outlets all over the world. Moreover, the vehicle has received publicity on blog posts and through other social media channels.

Following the Geneva Motor Show, the Biofore Concept Car has been requested to appear at several events all around the globe. Before the vehicle's return to Finland, it was on display at the UN's Palace of Nations in Geneva. This year the car will tour events in Finland together with UPM, Metropolia and other partners.

According to ProCom, which granted the Communications Campaign of the year award, UPM has successfully transformed from a traditional company in the forest industry into an international biomaterials company. The communication of the company's Biofore strategy has been remarkably successful, thanks to the Biofore Concept Car that makes good use of fibre-based biomaterials. The Concept Car is a tangible proof of creative Finnish bio technology and it has obtained wide international publicity.

"Renewable raw materials are an essential part of our Biofore strategy. UPM has a long history in refining wood fibre, and also our new operations are based on exploiting biomass in a sustainable and resource-efficient way. Bio and forest industry provides us with countless opportunities to innovate, and the Biofore Concept Car is an excellent example of that", says Elisa Nilsson, Vice President, Brand and Communications.

However, the usage of biomaterials is by no means limited to the automotive industry. Biomaterials can be widely used for different purposes, such as design and acoustic products, and in a variety of industrial and consumer products. A few examples include: Genelec's use of biocomposites to build speakers, while Tregren uses the same material to create kitchen gardens.

"We are proud of our co-operation with Metropolia's automotive industry and industrial design students, and of what we have achieved together", says Nilsson.

The Communications Campaign of the year was revealed on 3rd June on ProCom Day, an event held for communications professionals at Kalastajatorppa in Helsinki, Finland.

Read a blog post by Brand and Communications Vice President Elisa Nilsson on the Biofore Car's journey here.

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