Confederation of Paper Industries Review 2013-14 – Change and Challenges

Energy issues were top of the political agenda for CPI and the UK's paper industry in 2013.

June 3, 2014 - The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) is pleased to announce the publication of its Review 2013-14. The Review reflects on a challenging yet successful 2013 and also looks forward to what lies ahead for Members and the Industry in 2014 and beyond.

The Review highlights the extensive lobbying by CPI for measures to ease the legislative and cost burdens being placed on the industry. As Mr David Workman, CPI Director General, states, "CPI has continued to punch above its weight in its lobbying efforts and in promoting the sector to the outside world."

One notable success came with the Spring Budget, when the Chancellor specifically mentioned the Paper Industry when he announced several measures to help the industry. He again mentioned the Paper Industry in subsequent media interviews. CPI calculates these measures will save the industry upwards of £170 million over the coming years.

Energy issues were top of the political agenda in 2013, and the Review outlines how CPI continued to raise concerns regarding increased regulation and the cumulative impact of policies, and how CPI collaborates with key government and trade bodies to influence policymaking.

Environmental issues tackled by CPI are covered in detail, including the revision of the Pulp & Paper BREF. CPI has been actively involved throughout the process, working closely with the regulators and mills.

The Recovered Paper summary highlights the issues confronted by CPI such as material quality measures, the revised Waste Framework Directive, issues in China regarding recovered paper imports, and the end-of-waste status of Paper.

A detailed summary of Packaging Affairs activity includes updates on Food Contact issues, the ongoing retailer engagement programme liaison with Packaging Trade associations, and cooperation with the European Corrugated Association, FEFCO.

A thorough review of the statistical data for 2013 highlights what proved to be a more successful year for most sectors, resulting from the improving economic conditions. A wealth of market statistics for all sectors of CPI’s Membership, are also included such as:

  • UK Paper and Board consumption;
  • UK Paper and Board production;
  • Recovered Paper collection;
  • Recovered Paper exports;
  • Production of Corrugated boxes.

Mr Workman said: “There are a myriad of issues to be tackled in 2014, and I believe that CPI is well equipped to deal with these challenges head-on.”

CPI’s Review 2013-14 is available in hard copy on request. Please contact Annabel Cotton, Communications Manager on 01793 889612 or email

CPI is the voice and face of the UK's Paper and Paper-Based Industries, representing recovered paper merchants, paper and board manufacturers and converters, corrugated packaging producers and tissue makers. CPI represents 68 Member Companies, with a combined annual turnover of £6.5 billion and 25,000 direct and more than 100,000 indirect employees. To learn more about CPI, please visit:

SOURCE: Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)