Mondi Introduces New High-speed Inkjet Portfolio 2.0

Mondi's new high-speed inkjet portfolio 2.0 features a larger color gamut, increased opacity, and new grammages

April 10, 2014 - Mondi introduces its new high-speed inkjet portfolio 2.0, which features a larger color gamut, increased opacity, and new grammages of 60, 70 and 230 g/m².

With its high-speed inkjet (HSI) portfolio 2.0 Mondi has further developed and optimized the paper manufacturing of its high-speed inkjet portfolio, which brings a number of benefits to printers and end-users. The larger color gamut in critical color areas, such as reds, compensates the magenta weakness of current high-speed inkjet systems and thereby enables improved accuracy when it comes to logos or reproduction of images.

The increased color gamut also results in a potential ink savings for printers, reducing costs and increasing printers’ competitiveness on the market.

Another key benefit of Mondi’s new, fully treated high-speed inkjet grades is trouble-free duplex printing due to the increased opacity (non-see-through). In the case of DNS® high-speed inkjet CF/NF* the opacity of 80 g/m² is now equal to the current standard of 100 g/m². No reel joins are also guaranteed for flawless runability and optimal productivity of high-speed inkjet equipment.

The HSI 2.0 portfolio features new grammages of 60, 70 and up to as 230 g/m², enabling printers to take their equipment to new areas of print applications, such as catalogues, flyers or post cards.

Mondi’s grades DNS high-speed inkjet CF has also been recognized as “good” deinkable according to INGEDE test method 11 (in combination with Canon Océ pigment inks). DNS premium has also been successfully tested for deinkability.

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*CF= coated feel, NF= natural feel

SOURCE: Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper