Rottneros Seeking Permit to Increase Pulp Production at Vallvik Mill in Sweden

Rottneros is seeking a permit to produce an additional 15,000 tpy of pulp at its Vallvik Mill in Sweden.

Jan. 24, 2014 - Rottneros CEO Carl-Johan Jonsson in his 2013 year-end report said that the Swedish market pulp producer has submitted an application for a permit to increase pulp production at Vallvik Mill.

“If the relevant public authorities grant their approval, we will get a permit to produce 255,000 tonnes per year. We currently have a temporary permit for 240,000 tonnes maximum per year, Jonsson said.

Vallvik Mill produces two grades of long-fiber sulphate pulp: fully bleached sulphate pulp, ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and unbleached sulphate pulp, UKP (Unbleached Kraft Pulp).

“In terms of the market, the last quarter was also characterized by a continued increase in demand for NBSK pulp, and the market is currently strong with NBSK prices continuing to rise,” Jonsson pointed out. “CTMP pulp also continued to develop in a strong and positive way during the fourth quarter.”

The company's other pulp mill, Rottneros Mill, also in Sweden, produces mechanical grades, including CTMP (Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical Pulp) and has a production capacity of about 170,000 tpy.

Growth Objective
The company noted that one of its objectives is to create growth and it “is looking for development opportunities to strengthen the existing pulp operation through strategic alliances in Sweden and abroad.”

Rottneros also said it's “preparing for a possible entry into related activities, where the Group's knowledge of pulp refining is utilized and represents a precondition, and where there are clear synergy effects. One step in this development is that the Group is running projects in cooperation with industrial and financial partners aimed at leading to the production of high-refined biofuel at both mills.”

Rottneros produces market pulp and has an annual production capacity of just under 400,000 tonnes produced at two mills in Sweden. To learn more, please visit:

SOURCE: Rottneros