Paper Prices in India Soared in 2013, Printers Fighting Back

Most paper manufacturers in India have pushed through price increases of 20 - 30% in 2013.

Jan. 14, 2014 (PrintWeek India) - With Indian paper mills feigning helplessness at the soaring paper prices, print firms across the country are contemplating ways to limit their shrinking bottomline, finds Anand Srinivasan.

The fiscal year of 2013 has seen print companies being burdened with price revisions announced by most paper manufacturers, which has resulted in massive increases of 20 - 30% within a year. Printers are now voicing their dismay at the rising cost of paper and paperboard, which has hurt their bottomline.

Paper manufacturers blame the revisions on the increasing cost of domestic wood as well as of imported materials such as pulp and coal, due to Rupee’s depreciation. The paper manufacturers state that the rising cost of pulp had a trickling effect on the prices of paper and paperboard, and it was inevitable that it be passed on to the printers.

Double whammy
The domestic paper industry, which is struggling to cope with high input costs and chronic shortage of wood pulp, will face a new challenge in 2014 – duty-free import of paper from Southeast Asian countries.

India’s 2.5% duty on paper imports has come down to. . . go to the full story at: PrintWeek India.

SOURCE: PrintWeek India