von Drehle Corporation Announces Retirement of Chairman

Nov. 13, 2013 (Press Release) - The von Drehle Corporation recently announced that the companyís Chairman, Raymond von Drehle, has retired from daily operations - finalizing an orderly leadership transition. Raymond joined the von Drehle Corporation in 1981 and will remain with the von Drehle Corporation as Chairman of the Executive Board. Raymond was only the second Chairman in von Drehleís remarkable 39-year history.

The von Drehle Corporation was founded in 1974 by Raymondís parents - Frank and Pat von Drehle - and has grown to be a leading nationwide manufacturer of towel and tissue products for the away-from-home market. The von Drehle Corporation is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, and has grown to include manufacturing facilities in Conover, NC, Maiden, NC, Cordova, NC, Memphis, TN, Natchez, MS, and Las Vegas, NV.

Steve von Drehle, Raymondís brother and President of the von Drehle Corporation, assumes the role of Chairman. Steve joined the von Drehle Corporation in 1983 as a Regional Sales Manager and has held the position of President since 1992.

Randy Bergman, who joined the company as Chief Operating Officer in 2009, assumes the role of President/Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining von Drehle, Randy held the position of President/CEO for Precision Paper of Wisconsin and has over thirty years of experience in the towel and tissue industry.

With an emphasis on 100% recycled paper products, the von Drehle Corporation is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of towel and tissue products, as well as innovative dispensing systems, in the United States. Through an international network of more than 300 distributors, von Drehle sells to industrial, commercial and institutional suppliers, as well as to major contract cleaners and building-maintenance services. For additional information, visit www.vondrehle.com.

SOURCE: von Drehle Corporation